RCMP Youth Academy

Program Description

What is this program about?

This program is designed for the participation of 20 – 24 high school students aged 16 to 18 years who are interested in police work or law enforcement as a possible future career. The RCMP Youth Academy will be held in Kamloops during spring break. The students that successfully complete each phase of the selection process will attend the Academy and experience a variety of activities that a police cadet would experience but in an abridged format. This program is designed to place students in an RCMP Training Academy environment similar to depot.  Meals, lodging and the track suit uniform will be supplied. There will be a tuition cost per student / school.

A list of academy rules will be supplied to the successful candidates and any student not complying with these rules will be dismissed form the Youth Academy and sent home at their own expense.





What do students earn if they take this program?

Students will receive instruction and lectures in law, police tactics, social skills, physical training, self defense and a variety of other topics. They will be involved in a great deal of role playing scenarios where they will take on the role of a police officer. They will be required to work in a team and partake in all of the planned activities. They will become experts in push-ups!


Benefits to Students

Why should students take this program

This academy is an excellent learning experience but will be extremely challenging, both mentally and physically.

This program is for any student; but, is especially good for students who are interested in a law enforcement career. The six day experience will be unlike anything students have ever done and will build friendships among the troop members as they have fun and learn new things.


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