Mobile Trades Trailer

Program Description

What is this program about?

The mobile trades training lab, which cost approximately $1.3 million and took one year to build, is housed in a 53-foot trailer unit that expands into a 1,000 square foot training facility. Designed to be highly flexible, it has the capacity to provide up to 12 training stations for the welding, electrical, plumbing, piping, refrigeration mechanic, heavy duty mechanic and millwright trades.

The mobile trades trailer is a joint venture between School District 73 and TRU. Students are able to  train anywhere in the mobile welding shop.  The mobile trades trailer has been located in various areas and schools such as: Chase Secondary; Clearwater Secondary; NorKam Secondary, Kamloops;  and Merritt Secondary.

The trailer may be  available to other school districts interested in training students how to weld.

Anyone interested in learning more about the mobile trades trailer should contact Sheryl Lindquist at SD73 –

Trades triler clearwater 2013-12-17