In order to accommodate recent changes to the requirements of the Hairstylist Certification, the program will now commence in February 2019 (Semester 2) and conclude in January 2020 of the following school year.  This enables students to complete the required 300 hours of work experience during the summer break.

Program Description

What is this program about?
Occupation Description:  “Hairstylist” shampoo, cut, style and chemically treat hair.  They may also provide other services such as scalp treatments and hairpiece services.  In some jurisdictions, hairstylists may also provide additional services such as basic natural services, basic facial care and ear piercing.
In BC, an individual can become certified as a Hairstylist by completing a Hairstylist technical training program such as the ACE IT apprenticeship program at NorKam Senior Secondary.  In this dual credit District program, students take 8 hair styling courses, a ninth regular program course (generally English) and participate in one practicum.
Training topics include:
a)  Hygiene, Sanitation and Disinfection Practices
b) Maintenance of Tools and Equipment
c)  Client and Business Services and Management
d)  Hair and Scalp Care
e)  Hair Cutting, Styling, Chemical Waving and Relaxing and Hair Colouring


What do students earn if they take this program?

Eight hairstylist courses (32 credits) and four credits in English (or other course studied) towards BC Dogwood Diploma and successful completion of the eight hair styling courses results in 990 hours credited towards the apprenticeship with ITA and permission to write the Certificate of Qualification Exam.

Level 1 criteria for successful completion includes at least 70 % in each course, 300 work based training hours,  a professional work ethic and limited absenteeism. Hours of school missed may result in hours being deducted from the required 990 program hours as directed by the Industry Training Authority.

Full certification and Red Seal designation requires Level 1 and  another 2560 hours of work recorded with the ITA by the Salon owner. Work based training – 8 hours per day x 5 days per week x 4 weeks per month =160/month =1920/year.  Full certification:  May take 1.5-2 years to complete.

Benefits to Students

Why should students take this program?

Level 1 completion permits students to work in salon and start their career!

Students are also registered in four Secondary School Apprentice (SSA) courses if they obtain a job at a salon with a Red Seal stylist. This can result in a $1000 Award from the BC Government.

Scholarship Criteria: To be completed by December 31st of the school year of turning 19 years old.

  • Students complete 4 SSA courses (480 hours of work registered with the ITA by SD73)
  • Students must maintain a C+ average
  • Students work additional hours to total 900 hours (to be registered by the employer)
  • Current address and Social Insurance Number on file so the Ministry of Education can send out the $1000 cheque around April
NOTE: Red Seal is the inter-provincial standard of excellence:
  • You need 1100 hours for level one
  • 3600 hours for red seal
  • All hours must be registered with the ITA

Fees: This program is a great value at only  $1260 which includes a $60 non-refundable deposit, the textbook and kit

Payment 0ptions:

$60.00 non-refundable deposit due with the application

$400.00 due on the first day of class in September

Th remaining $800.00 by either of the following:

1 payment – $800.00 due on the last day of January

2 payments – $400.00 each due in  January and April

8 monthly payments – $100.00 due on the last day of each month starting in October and ending in May

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